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What is Transporter Flight Simulator?

The Transporter Flight Simulator is a top drawer game available for iOS and Android cell phone users. Players can model the Piloting skills of everyday flights between various international locations and experience flying by taking control of the cockpit.

Who created the game?

Transporter Flight Simulator was created by two dedicated gamers, both avid enthusiasts of both flight games and simulation games.

What is fresh about Flight Simulator?

Flight Simulator maintains a real edge on other flight simulation options because we are constantly upgrading. We make sure that our Pilots are really in control when it comes to the audiovisual and user experience of this unique game.

What type of Plane will I fly?

There are 10 commercial carriers that you can choose from 

What Routes can I take?

With over 30 routes, you'll be clocking up the hours and flying just about everywhere in the world.

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