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Take off, fly and land

With Transporter Flight Simulator


With Transporter Flight Simulator


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Destinations: Where You Fly 

Grab a birds eye view of all of our routes and choose your next destination.

7 June 2017

The Updates: News

Find out whats new in the Piloting world of Transporters.  Keep abreast of any updates to our games and news in the the press

7 June 2017

Planes: What You Fly

Face your missions from the cockpit of one of our ten aircraft carriers. With all the top commercial carriers you will feel right at home.

7 June 2017

How to Play

How to Play

Supercharge your sky skills

Tutorial: How to Take Off

Take off successfully on multiple routes and choose your player settings from a variety of planes, background player environments and routes.

Tutorial: How to Land

When arriving at your destination, start to ease up on the throttle to prepare for landing, taking every precaution not to crash, your passengers are relying on you.

Transporter offers a realistic audiovisual experience.

Monitor and perfect both speed and height through the spontaneous control panel.

With a genuine feel to take-off, flight and landing scenarios you can focus on the task at hand, getting your passengers happily and safely between destinations.

Start your training as a Commercial Pilot with this intuitive simulation game.

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